Coil Nails

Coil nails are used in the production of wood pallets and containers, floor boards and wooden structures that require high strength. The main feature is the large capacity reel and , therefore, increased the duration of the work.

Key Benefits:

  • A large number of nails in the reel, high performance, increase the productivity and industry and construction work quality.
  • Using a pneumatic tool allows you to quickly and accurately make the laborious task of laying out the roof shingles and fixing the siding.


  • Smooth nails with knurled ring ;
  • screw nails - have found wide application in the manufacture of pallets ;
  • siding nails - used if the design requires a particularly high strength fasteners, perforated mounting fasteners for upholstery, window slopes, while assembling pallets and designs requiring high bond strength.


Nails drum for pneumatic gun used in industrial work shop in the assembly of various wood packaging, wooden pallets and containers, as well as for frame work and crates in wooden construction and packaging papers for crates of cargo.

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